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It is not MEDICINE.
The content of Timovac & Timomix products is formulated by standardizing the ingredients obtained from medicinal aromatic plants, Carvacrol, the main component of Oregano oil, and Oregano oils.
It does not contain alcohol and synthetic substances.
Our products do not contain lard and its products. Our capsules are coated with bovine gelatin. Our products are halal certified.
The production of the products was standardized with thyme, which was approved as a Traditional Medicinal Product by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Manufactured in Good Manufacturing Conditions (GMP). ISP MEDIKO is registered with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


ISP MEDIKO is a company established in 2020 with an expert staff to present the products developed with scientific technologies and R&D studies to the whole world in accordance with International ethical values ​​standards. As it is known, the World Health Organization encourages making legal arrangements in the field of traditional and complementary medicine and integrating traditional and complementary medicine practices with modern health systems within the scope of the 2014 – 2023 Traditional Medicine Strategy. The establishment purpose of our company is to reveal the benefits of thyme for human health in the field of traditional and complementary medicine. ISP MEDIKO has not only started R&D and Training studies for Traditional and Complementary Medicine Application Centers in many of our universities, by showing maximum sensitivity to advance the research of Thyme Plant, especially Thymol and Carvacrol molecules on a scientific and evidence-based basis, has done and continues to do so. He is working on the use of thyme components in medicine, food supplements and cosmetic formulas by obtaining them under standardized conditions. OUR VALUES, As ISP MEDIKO, we have made it our mission to increase the quality of life of humanity and to live with a healthy body and soul integrity by using advanced medical technology in the field of traditional and complementary medicine, with all its possibilities since the first day of our establishment, within the scope of Traditional Medicine Strategy. It continues to work with the aim of making traditional and complementary medicine practices accessible to every segment of the society in our country and in the world, integrating these practices into the health system, and standardizing practitioners and practices. Based on the fact that we have a deep-rooted tradition in this context, ISP MEDIKO has embarked on an international structure with a strong scientific infrastructure in order to share new developments in the field of traditional and complementary medicine practices in different parts of the world, by taking responsibility in the international arena. It continues rapidly by researching and developing the effects of medicinal aromatic oils on human health in traditional medicine, growing and assimilating with new production facilities.